Maples Plumbing’s Advice On Things To Consider Before Planting A Tree In Your Yard


Things to Think About Before Planting a Tree


In a forest, trees grow randomly wherever Mother Nature decides they should grow. In the yards of our home, however, planting trees must be a little more planned out or as a homeowner, you may have some very real, and costly, consequences to pay later. Below are a couple of the things you need to take into consideration before you start planting.


Type of Tree


Trees are much like people in that they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. Of course, you’ll want one that will look attractive paired with your existing landscaping, as well as one that, when fully grown, will fit in your yard without touching your house. However, the most important thing you need to account for is how a tree’s roots grow. Here are things to consider about a tree’s root system:


  • The roots of a tree can severely damage sewer pipes if you choose a tree that is known for having a root system that will aggressively try to find any water source, including the water in your sewer pipes.
  • A tree’s roots can easily rip up driveways and walkways if it has a shallow root system. Make sure to choose a tree whose root system grows under the ground and not across it.


Where NOT to Plant a Tree


Where you choose to plant a tree is just as important as the type of tree you pick out. There are more serious things to think about than just where your tree will look most aesthetically pleasing. Under your manicured lawns, there is a web of pipes coming and going from your house, so make sure you call before you dig. It is important that you know where these pipes for the following reasons:



  • Sewer lines: Planting a tree on top of your sewer line can be costly! A tree’s roots tend to grow straight down into the soil and roots will grow right into and through your sewer lines causing clogged and broken pipes later on.
  • Utility lines: There are water, gas and electricity underground in your yard. Hitting one of these when you’re digging the hole to plant your tree in can not only be costly but deadly!



If you suspect a tree in your yard is causing your plumbing pipes to clog, give Maples Plumbing a call at 916-368-9134.


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