5 Common Household Leaks and What to Look For

Maples Plumbing-5 Common Household Leaks and What to Look For

Household leaks can cause a great deal of costly damage if they go undetected.

We’ve listed 5 of the most common household leaks and what to look for. Regularly checking for these offenders can save your home and your wallet!

The 5 most common household leaks are:


  1. Dripping faucet
  2. Water leaking under the sink
  3. Toilet supply line leak
  4. Water leaking under the bathtub
  5. Leaking furnace

Dripping faucet

This is a fairly easy leak to detect because it tends to be noisy and will catch your attention. Many times it’s an easy fix! Check that the faucet has been properly turned off. A little adjustment in the direction of the handle when you’re turning it off might just do the trick. But if it continues to leak, you may need the washers replaced. They wear out over time, especially if you tend to turn it off very tightly.

Water leaking under the sink

A drip or leak under your sink can be caused by the items you have stored underneath the sink. It’s easy to tuck those cleaning supplies into the cabinet and not realize that your pipes are getting knocked or pushed.

Toilet supply line leak

This leak can develop in more than one place. When doing routine checks for leaks, be sure to check the nut at the shutoff valve and the nut that connects to the fill valve.

Water leaking under the bathtub

Check around the tub, tub drain and tub overflow. There are several culprits that can be responsible for a bathtub leak. Check the grout around your tile as well as checking for cracks around your drain. Be sure to check around the base of the tub itself.

Leaking furnace

The drain to your furnace can become clogged and should be checked to make sure it’s clear and that the tubing is in good condition.


If you come across any of these issues during your routine checks, call us and we’ll take care of the problem for you. We’re here to help! (916) 368-9134

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